Campfires and BBQs at Stubcroft

We are one of the few campsites that permit campfires & barbeques. They are a source of warmth and enjoyment adding a pleasant end to an enjoyable day. We hire our fire containers and even sell marshmallows and toasting sticks in the campsite shop together with logs, kindling, locally produced sausages, beefburgers and much more!

However every year there are injuries and accidents at campsites throughout the UK caused by either inexperience or disregard for fire safety. Small camping gas appliances can also cause fires so please ensure you read the instructions thoroughly before use. Please also remember that residual embers hidden in the ash are still a fire hazard. At Stubcroft we allow campfires & barbeques providing fire safety precautions and other guidelines are strictly followed. These are for the safety of all campers on site. You are welcome to bring your own barbeque or firepit; we also have a limited number available for hire on a “first come, first served” basis.

Download our guide to have a perfect campfire at Stubcroft!

Campfire Guide


•  No fires are to be lit on the ground under any circumstances.

•  Barbecues and camp fires are allowed in suitable steel containers only, set at least 18 inches off the ground so they do not damage or burn the grass. (Any damaged pitches will incur a £10 grass re-seeding fee.)

•  All fires must be kept well away from hedges, overhanging trees, tents, flammable materials and vehicles for fire safety reasons. A suitable container for water (or a fire extinguisher) should be kept close by for emergencies. There are fire points / extinguishers at the entrance to each field, please familiarise yourself with their location but do not use or move any extinguishers unless in emergency (Please report anyone tampering with fire safety equipment immediately to reception).

•  Under no circumstances should BBQ's, fires or gas appliances be used inside tents or enclosed spaces. As well as the fire risk, there is also a high risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

•  All fires should be extinguished before you retire to bed or leave the campsite. Any residual ashes should be damped down and extinguished fully after use. Please place them in the metal bin provided. Under no circumstances must hot ashes be placed in the general rubbish bins - it may cause them to catch fire.

•  Please ensure that sparks do not blow onto tents, hedges, neighbouring fields or anywhere that they may cause a wild fire, especially in windy conditions. Use spark arrestors or put out any hazardous fires if necessary.

•  No firewood is to be taken, or cut, from the farm or any surrounding areas & lanes at any time*. We sell bags of seasoned firewood and kindling bundles at the farmhouse for use on the site. You are also welcome to bring your own firewood.

•  If you are using disposable barbecues, please place them on blocks (which are available at the entrance to each field) - make sure you return blocks after use for other campers! After use, extinguish properly before placing in waste bins.

•  Under certain condition of prolonged drought we may temporarily ban campfires for safety reasons if there is a high wildfire risk to hedges, nearby crops or straw.

(* we deliberately leave wood around the farm to encourage insects, birds & other wildlife. Anyone found collecting or burning firewood from the farm or lanes will be asked for a £10 donation to the Sussex Wildlife Charity)